AddItIn is a new addin for SOLIDWORKS that enables you to fully embed your SOLIDWORKS macros in the SOLIDWORKS interface. As an administrator you can easily deploy and manage your macros as a professional addin, without the need to recompile and deploy your addin on every change. Furthermore you don`t need to have advanced programming skills or professional programming software to create your addin.

Available functionality

  • Embed your macros in a toolbar, menu and the AddItIn taskpane
  • Create your own Taskpane tab and embed a UserControl
  • Run macros in the background on certain events. E.g. to reset mandatory setting or to export data.
  • Create your own RMB (Right Mouse Button) context menu`s
  • Create custom file extensions in the open/save dialogue
  • Manage the availability of macros to users
  • Track how many times a macro has been used


  • No need to create your own addin (with professional software)
  • Easily add, update, replace or delete macros
  • Performance boost, because macros run embedded in SolidWorks
  • Modify your addin without need to deploy it again
  • Low-level
  • Insight in macro usage
  • Thread-safe VB.NET calls

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AddItIn helps you to create a professional SOLIDWORKS addin and allows you to easily add, manage, deploy and update your macros within SOLIDWORKS.
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