Studio Zwaard specializes in SOLIDWORKS API programming and product configuration. We have successfully worked with a wide range of companies and software solutions, which has allowed us to see the bigger picture of each project and its potential applications.

We use the V-model for the planning and realization of projects. In this method of software development, each phase moves sequentially in the shape of a V, from inventory to realization to acceptance testing. The process is simple and straightforward, allows for the early detection of defects, and is ideal for clearly defined projects. The following objectives are achieved by V-model project execution:

  • Minimization of project risks
  • Improvement and guarantee of quality
  • Reduction of total cost over the entire project and system life cycle
  • Improvement of communication between all stakeholders

Solutions are created in C# or VB.NET using Visual Studio. We are also experienced in using VSTA (Visual Studio for Applications) and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Furthermore, at Studio Zwaard, creating custom solutions is not limited to SOLIDWORKS but also involves applications including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • ERP systems
  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Office
  • Other…