3D Computer-Aided Modeling (CAD) is a specialized working environment, and proper implementation requires a seamless fit with your existing processes, requirements, and expectations. While many engineers have their own personalized ways of using 3D CAD software, we believe that the best projects are the result of strong communication, a coherent modeling philosophy, and universal guidelines. This ensures that models are created in uniform and understandable ways, improving their performance and potential for re-use.

Studio Zwaard is committed to optimizing your modeling process by establishing clear guidelines based on your product and engineering philosophy. This includes the creation of coherent templates, tables, and libraries, tailored to your individual needs.

In addition to streamlining the modeling process, Studio Zwaard is highly experienced in implementing SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM is a solution to properly manage your design data and to improve collaboration on product development. For the planning and realization of projects, we have had proven success using the V-model.