Studio Zwaard was founded in 2004 as Zwaard Engineering Studio and specializes in SOLIDWORKS implementation, API programming, and product configuration. For over a decade, we have gained experience by working with a wide range of interdisciplinary companies to provide customer solutions for your CAD needs.

Contact Info

Zandheuvelweg 31
2673 GG Naaldwijk

Phone: +31 (0)6 248 796 48

LC Packaging

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LC Packaging Image configurator for bigbags.com. Integration with webservice, Salesforce and SAP.

Formplate Configurator

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Formplate Configurator Online formplate product configurator for customer GEA that automatically creates 3D models and 2D drawings and sends as PDF file back to the user.


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Swap3D Swap3D is a SOLIDWORKS partner product that automates the creation of simplified 3D models. You can to influence the result and the level of simplification, based on the settings that you use.   Swap3D can be used for many purposes: - Create lay-out drawings - Models can be obfuscated to protect your Intellectual Property or to [...]

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